The Cremation Only plan includes:

Peace of mind with the Avalon Promise if you choose to pay over two or more years. Terms & Conditions apply.
Provision of funeral director’s services
Care of the deceased until transferred to the crematorium
Advice on certification and registration
Conveyance of the deceased to the funeral home within mainland Great Britain
Supply of a simple wood effect coffin - suitable for cremation
Simple Wood Effect
Transport and care of the deceased to crematorium in a private vehicle
Doctor's fees
Crematorium fees
An unattended cremation at a crematorium in the UK
Return of the ashes to your representative

This plan offers cremation only with none of the traditional funeral services.

What’s Included?

Available in mainland England Wales and Scotland, a very simple send-off without a service. Our prepaid Cremation Only plan includes the collection of the deceased in a suitable dignified vehicle from the place of death, the provision of a standard coffin, and all third-party costs covered.

If cremation without a funeral service is appropriate for you and your family, this is a lovely simple option we would recommend.

The cremated remains will be supplied in suitable packaging with a certificate of cremation and returned to the family representative or can be collected from the crematorium. And, this means you have the freedom to commemorate your loved one however you choose.

How would you like to pay

Avalon offer a range of flexible payment options, you can decide how and when to pay for your funeral plan. Make a one off payment or opt to spread the cost, the choice is yours.

Is a Direct Cremation Plan right for me?

A Direct cremation or cremation only plan is an affordable alternative to a traditional funeral and service and are perfect for those with a smaller budget or looking for a simpler send-off.

Unlike a traditional funeral, there is no ceremony or service for mourners as part of a direct cremation plan. Your body will be carefully and respectfully taken from your Funeral Directors for a no-service cremation and your ashes returned to your representative. This leaves your loved ones free to celebrate your life however and wherever you or they wish.

Should you prefer a simple cremation where your loved ones can attend, Avalon’s Cremation with Service funeral plan may be the right plan for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to have a funeral?

Legally, there is no requirement for you to arrange a funeral service. However, when someone dies, their body must be disposed of safely. In most cases, this is through burial or cremation, though there are some alternatives, such as burial at sea.

That means that even if you want no ceremony when you die, your friends or family will still have to make arrangements and pay for burial or cremation services.

If your next of kin cannot afford to pay for a basic burial or cremation, your local council will arrange a Public Health Funeral for you – but they will try to reclaim the costs from your estate. This means that they may claim back the cost of burial and cremation fees from whatever savings, property or belongings you leave behind.

Therefore, even though you do not have to have a funeral, the cost of burial or cremation must be covered. That’s why planning ahead is essential.


Prefer no funeral service, just a cremation? Consider a Direct Cremation Plan

Direct cremation is when a person is cremated without a funeral service. There will be no mourners present, no flowers or hymns. The coffin is usually basic. After the cremation, the next of kin can collect the cremation ashes.

Cremation only funerals are becoming increasingly popular in the United States, where the average cost of a funeral is $7,181 (£5,485). In the UK too, where the cost of a funeral is rising year on year, more people are looking for cost-effective, simple funerals.

While direct cremation is the cheapest option, many people find a traditional funeral is an important part of the grieving process. Think carefully about what you want to happen and make sure a direct funeral is the right choice for you.


Can I pre-arrange a direct cremation without a funeral?

You can arrange your own cremation in advance with a prepaid cremation plan.

You’ll be able to secure the funeral director fees at today’s prices for only £1,895, making sure everything is arranged in advance for your loved ones. Call our friendly team today on 0800 014 9112 for more information, or buy online.


Is there a simpler alternative to a full traditional funeral service?

If you're looking to plan a funeral cremation service, giving your family members and other loved ones the chance to say goodbye, consider Avalon's Cremation with service funeral plan.

This plan allows you to fix cremation fees at today's prices, and includes a family-organised service at the crematorium of your choice. Your family can choose the day of the service, with no limit on attendees.

If you pass away before your plan is fully paid we can cover the cost with the Avalon Promise


If you choose to pay for your funeral plan over two or more years, you’ll receive the Avalon Promise.* This means that if you pass away before your plan is fully paid, Avalon will still provide all the services outlined in your plan.

  • The only plan provider that works with local, independent Funeral Directors and offers this level of security
  • Peace of mind for you and your family
  • Comes into effect after your plan has been in place for 12 months
  • Your family can focus on celebrating your life, instead of worrying about the cost of your funeral


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