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Avalon provides a range of pre-paid funeral plans designed to take care of the details so your funeral will be just as you wanted, when the time comes. We’re always here to provide ongoing help and support to all our clients. Here we answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

What does my plan include?

Your plan guarantees the Funeral Director’s services at no extra cost to you or your next of kin, providing your plan is fully paid and the funeral is carried out by the Funeral Director allocated by Avalon. Your plan also includes an allowance towards the disbursements cost. The Funeral Director and the disbursements allowance are stated on your plan certificate. Your plan will also include any additional services you’ve selected and have made payment for or are making payments for.

If you purchased a plan with a Fixed Monthly Payment (insurance policy) your payments must be up to date and you must have had your plan for a minimum period of 2 years to use the plan.

What's not included?

If you choose one of our plans for burial, the plan does not include the purchase of a grave, additional services that you may have requested but have not or are not making payments for (e.g. flowers, obituary notices), or disbursement costs above the allowance plus the annual uplifts in CPI. If you die outside the UK, the plan does not include the costs of repatriation

How much does an Avalon plan cost?

We have three standard plans (Balmoral, Highgrove and Windsor Way) that vary in price depending on what kind of funeral you want and the features you require. We also offer a Build Your Own plan and the price will be dependent on the level of services and benefits you have selected. Please refer to our price list for further details.

How do I pay for my Avalon plan?

You can pay in full with a single payment or by instalments. Instalment plans are available with a fixed term of up to 15 years. Instalment charge of 5.2% per annum is charged on instalment plans with a term greater than 12 months.

Are the plans flexible?

Yes, you can add items to our three set plans and Build Your Own plan for an extra cost, e.g. a church service. Our Cremation Only plan is a set price plan only available online and cannot be added to.

What are Funeral Director's fees?

Funeral Director’s fees cover all the elements of the funeral that are provided by the Funeral Director directly. They include but are not limited to, the provision of Funeral Director Services, provision of a hearse, supply of a coffin, care and preparation of the deceased.

Can I choose my Funeral Director?

We have a number of reputable Funeral Directors to fulfil the funeral arrangements in the future. When you purchase your plan we will allocate a Funeral Director. If you have a preferred Funeral Director we will do our best to allocate your plan to them, but this is not always possible. If it has not been possible to allocate your plan to your preferred Funeral Director we will choose an alternative one for you. If the Funeral Director we have nominated is not acceptable, please contact us to discuss alternative Funeral Directors who could provide the funeral.

What are Disbursements?

Disbursements are the payments associated with the funeral that the Funeral Director makes on your behalf. They include the cremation or cemetery fee, Doctor’s fee and Minister’s fee. Your plan covers Disbursement Costs up to a pre-determined limit. Please see our price list for the current amount of this limit. This allowance will increase annually on 1st July in line with increases in the Consumer Prices Index (CPI). There may be a balance to pay at the time of need if the actual disbursement costs paid on your behalf by your nominated Funeral Director are more than the limit plus the annual uplifts in CPI. This could happen if you live in an area where disbursement costs are high or disbursement costs rise much more than increases in the CPI.

What happens if I change my mind, do I get a refund?

You have 30 days to cancel your plan in writing and receive a full refund of all monies paid. If you cancel your plan after 30 days, a cancellation fee of £395 will apply. A cancellation fee of £95 will apply if you purchased our Cremation Only plan and cancel after the 30-day cooling off period.

Can I make changes to my plan after I have taken it out?

Yes, just contact us to make changes to your plan. If you wish to add extra services, additional costs may apply. This option is not available on our Cremation Only plan.

Where is my money invested?

Your money is securely invested in the Avalon Funeral Trust No.3. The funds in Trust are held separately to the Company and managed by Independent Trustees to ensure your money is protected. An actuarial valuation is performed annually to ensure there are sufficient assets to meet the future payments to Funeral Directors.

Will there be anything more to pay at the time of need if my plan is fully paid?

If the plan is fully paid, the plan will cover the Funeral Directors Fees & Services in full. If the actual disbursements paid via your nominated Funeral Director are less than pre-determined limit plus the annual uplifts in CPI, the disbursements will also be covered. If the actual disbursements paid via your nominated Funeral Director are more than pre-determined limit plus the annual uplifts in CPI your next of kin will be asked to pay the difference between the two amounts.

What happens if I die before all my instalment payments have been made?

Your plan will provide the benefits detailed on your plan certificate once it’s been paid in full. If you die before all instalments have been paid, your representative will have the option to either pay the outstanding balance before the funeral, or cancel the plan in writing and we will return all payments, less a cancellation fee of £395 for standard plans or £95 for our Cremation Only plan.

Can I buy an Avalon plan for someone else?

Yes, you can buy an Avalon plan for someone else, and many of our customers have bought a plan for another family member.

Will I be asked questions about my health?

No, there are no health questions. Your Avalon plan is guaranteed to be accepted.

What happens if I move house?

You can take your plan with you. Remember to let us know and if necessary we will assign a new Funeral Director to conduct the funeral. If you let us know before the time of need there will be nothing additional to pay, but if this is done at the time of need a Preferred Funeral Director fee will apply.

What happens if I move abroad?

If you move to one of the European countries that Avalon operate in, you can take your plan with you.

Can I change my nominated Funeral Director?

Yes, you can choose another Funeral Director from the reputable Funeral Directors that partner with Avalon to fulfil your funeral plan. However, on occasion this may not be possible. This option is not available for our Cremation Only plan.

Can I specify personal requests for my Funeral?

Yes, you can make a record of any personal requests, such as music, dress code and personal themes you may like at your funeral, and we will pass these on to the Funeral Director at the time of need. This option is not available for our Cremation Only plan.

Are all disbursements costs covered by the plan?

Disbursements are funeral costs that are not Funeral Director fees. This may include things like doctor’s fees, minister’s fees, the costs of cremation or burial. Avalon funeral plans come with a contribution towards disbursements which increases in value every year in line with the Consumer Price Index.

We cannot guarantee that your disbursements contribution will cover every cost associated with your funeral. On average, families only pay £146* extra on top of the pre-paid disbursements contribution for cremation related disbursements.

*average paid from January to June 2018

Does all the money I pay go towards my funeral?

When you buy an Avalon funeral plan, the money for your funeral goes into an independently-held Trust. The money is kept securely in the Trust until the time of your funeral.

We only sell funeral plans. Part of the cost of your plan helps us cover things like team member salaries, our 24-hour bereavement line, marketing our plans on behalf of local, independent Funeral Directors, and managing your plan until you need it.

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