Prepaid funeral plans for parents

In later life, it’s essential to plan ahead to avoid complications. If you’re helping a parent get everything in order, or looking to take out funeral cover for your parents, a funeral plan could be an ideal way to save money and make arrangements in advance.


Can I take out funeral cover for my parents with Avalon?

Yes, you can purchase an Avalon plan for someone else, such as a parent, sibling, spouse or child, allowing you to take control of the financial costs and funeral service arrangements in advance.


How funeral plans for parents work

If you are helping your parents plan for the future, you can buy an Avalon funeral plan on their behalf. They’ll be listed as the plan holder and when the time comes, the essential costs of their funeral will be taken care of.

Avalon plans can be paid for in a lump sum or, depending on your age, you can spread the cost over several years. And at any time you can pay off the balance of the funeral plan by contacting our friendly customer care team.

With a funeral plan in place for your parents, they’ll know that everything is taken care of in advance. They’ll be able to make important decisions about their funeral in advance, so you know that they’re getting the send-off they wanted.

With a funeral plan in place for your parents, they’ll know that everything is taken care of in advance. They’ll be able to make important decisions about their funeral in advance, so you know that they’re getting the send-off they wanted.


I am a parent - what are the benefits of a funeral plan?

One of the most popular benefits of buying a plan is to ensure the essential costs of funeral are fully paid for ahead of time, giving you peace of mind that your loved ones are not left to pay for your funeral after you have gone.

Another benefit of choosing a prepaid Avalon plan is that you can plan all of the arrangements of your funeral in advance - from cremation or burial, to the number of cars you will need, to the music, dress code and any other personal touches for your service.

This may relieve some of the stress for your loved ones, as they can be sure that you will be remembered exactly how you would want.

Unlike life insurance or life cover, which are often bought to help pay off funeral costs, your money will be paid to your funeral director as soon as we are notified that it is needed. A life insurance may take weeks or possibly months to pay out depending on circumstances, meaning your loved ones may need to find the funds to pay the funeral costs in the meantime.

You can read more about the benefits of a prepaid funeral plan here.

Why it’s important to plan ahead


The average cost of a funeral has been rising year-on-year above the rate of inflation. In some parts of the UK, a funeral can cost upwards of £5,000.

A prepaid funeral plan lets you fix Funeral Director fees at today’s prices and take care of the essential costs of your parent’s funeral in advance.


Arranging a funeral can be a stressful experience at a difficult time.

But with a funeral plan, you’re making arrangements now so that when the time comes, you’ll have fewer big decisions to make on your own.


65%* of people believe following the wishes of a loved one is the most important part of a funeral. Do you know what your parents want for their funeral?

When you buy a funeral plan, your parents can make their own choices, so that you know when the time comes that they’re getting the funeral they wanted.

Choosing a funeral plan for your parent

If you’re searching for a funeral plan, make sure you compare and discuss the options with your parents. Avalon offers a range of flexible funeral plans. Whether you want a traditional ceremony or simple, fuss-free service, Avalon can help you find the perfect plan. You can book a free, no obligation home visit from one of our friendly advisors to find out more. They’ll visit you and your parent in the comfort of their own home, and you’re welcome to ask any questions you might have about taking out a funeral plan.

Why choose Avalon

Award Winning Plan Provider

We’re officially the Best Funeral Plan Provider, after thousands of people voted at the Personal Finance Awards.

Peace of mind with the Avalon Promise

For extra peace of mind, if you pass away before your plan is fully paid, Avalon can still provide all the services outlined in your plan. We’re the only provider that works with local independent Funeral Directors to offer this security.

The UK’s most trusted funeral plan provider

We have over 2,000 reviews on Trustpilot and are rated 'Excellent' by our customers. For over 25 years we’ve helped over 70,000 people feel reassured their funeral is planned and paid for.

Safe and secure

Your money is kept in an independent Trust and we are regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority.

Local Funeral Directors

We work with over 1,800 local, independent Funeral Directors – that’s more than the Co-op (1,079) or Dignity (1,200) which means you can feel reassured you and your family will have support close by.

* Study by the National Association of Funeral Directors in partnership with Cruse Bereavement Care, 2016