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LifeLocker is a FREE service where you can input and confidentially store precious memories and photos – details that may otherwise be lost forever.


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Immortalise your memories and store useful information safely and confidentially

We believe funerals should be as individual as the people they are for and want our customers to have a personal service that suits them. Many of us have an idea of what how we’d like our funeral to be, but rarely take the time to write down or pass on our preferences.

Whilst you might have told your loved ones some details, are you sure that they’ll remember everything?

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Why use LifeLocker?

Immortalise your memories and store useful information safely and confidentially
Choose one or two loved ones (keyholders) to view your LifeLocker with read-only access
Include information about important documents that loved ones should know about (i.e. your will or any plans you have in place to cover the cost of your funeral)
Answer questions about your funeral wishes to plan your send-off
Come back and edit your information at any time – LifeLocker grows with you
Bring your story to life with your favourite photographs – with unlimited storage space!

How it works


Recording your funeral wishes will benefit you and your loved ones. Not only can you plan the send-off that you want, but by providing that information you can make things so much easier for your loved ones in the future. Having to second guess what a family member would have wanted can make a very upsetting time much harder. The information you include in your LifeLocker could provide a huge amount of comfort and peace of mind in the future.


You will be asked to nominate one or two family members or friends (your ‘keyholders’) who will be able to view the information you include in your LifeLocker. But don’t worry, they’ll just be granted read-only access, so your keyholders won’t be able to make any changes. LifeLocker is all about celebrating your life so you can publicly share as much of your life as you want to. Simply click the sharing button and post your favourite answers to Facebook.


Life Locker has been designed to grow with you as you create, edit and update your unique story and progress through life.


LifeLocker is very straightforward to use; telling the story of your life and recording your wishes couldn’t be easier.


For added convenience, you can create and update your LifeLocker by visiting the LifeLocker website


New sections are added regularly so check back to discover exciting updates to help record your life, goals and memories.

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Peace of mind with the Avalon Promise

If you pass away before your plan is fully paid we can cover the cost with the Avalon Promise. Please see our T&Cs for details or speak to our friendly customer services team on 0161 486 2020.

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Our service is second to none. But don’t just take our word for it - we have over 1,000 reviews and are rated 'Excellent' by our customers on Trustpilot. Avalon is a leading provider of funeral plans, established for over 25 years with over 70,000 customers all happy in the knowledge that their funerals are planned and paid for.

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We are regulated in the UK by the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA), which exists to protect your interests, so you can relax knowing that we will ensure you get the funeral you paid for when it’s needed.​

Funeral plans to suit your needs

Choose from our range of funeral plans, or you can tailor your own funeral plan to meet the specific needs of you and your family. You can pay in full, or spread the cost with affordable monthly payments over the term of your plan.