Funeral pre-planning and funeral plans


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If you’re planning for the future, one of the best things you can do is pre-arrange your funeral.

Arranging a funeral can be a stressful experience, especially while trying to cope with grief after bereavement. You can help your friends and family by making decisions in advance and letting them know that you’ve already planned what you want.

Think about your funeral wishes

How do you want to be remembered? If you’re thinking about what you want your funeral to be like, here are some key questions to ask yourself:

  • Would you prefer a cremation or burial?
  • If burial, where do you want to be buried? Do you have a plot already or would your loved ones need to buy one?
  • If cremation, what do you want to happen to your ashes? Would you want them to be scattered in a special place, kept at home, or interred in a burial plot?
  • Do you want a religious funeral service or non-religious?
  • Do you have a particular place of worship or venue in mind?
  • What kind of coffin would you like? Traditional wood, cardboard, wicker, or something else?
  • Do you want a special hearse? Motorbike hearses and VW camper vans have become popular in recent years.
  • What music would you like played? Would you go for traditional hymns or pop music?
  • What will your wake be like? Would you like a certain type of food or drink serving?
  • Do you want well-wishers to donate to a specific charity in your memory?

Once you’ve thought about your funeral wishes, it’s important to make a note of your requests or talk to a loved one about what you want. It might be a difficult conversation, but when the time comes they’ll be glad that they know what to do, rather than face tough decisions about your funeral.

You can also record your funeral wishes, along with precious life memories, with LifeLocker.

Pre-paid funeral plans

If you know what kind of funeral you’d like, a pre-paid funeral plan is a way for you to not only pre-plan your send-off, but to pay for it in advance too.

You’ll be able to secure the Funeral Director fees at today’s prices, beating inflation and rising funeral costs. You can make important choices about your funeral, such as whether you’d prefer burial or cremation, as well as make a note of all your special requests, like funeral music.

When the time comes, your nominated Funeral Director will receive a list of all your requests and can take care of the arrangements. Your loved ones will have less to worry about at an already difficult time, and they’ll know you’re getting the funeral you wanted.

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