How to update a will


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When should I update my will?

It’s important to review your last will and testament every few years or so, or after major changes in your life. For example, you should update your will if:

  • You become separated or divorced
  • You get married (this will cancel any will you made before getting married)
  • You have a child
  • You move home
  • The named executor in your will dies

For major changes, you should make a new will. Your new will should state that it cancels all previous wills and you should destroy your old will.

For additions or updates, you can make a codicil to your existing will (see below).

How do I update a will?

You cannot change a will after it has been signed and witnessed. Instead you must add a codicil to the existing will, explaining the changes you are making.

You must sign a codicil in the presence of two witnesses, in the same way as when you first made the will. There is no limit on how many codicils you can add to your will.

You should make sure all codicils are kept with your will so that they can be easily found when the time comes.

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