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Provide help for your family with the complicated funeral systems, language barriers and funeral costs with an Avalon funeral plan.

Our specialist expat funeral plans are suitable for people who live in Spain, Portugal or Cyprus or have a second home and split their time between these countries and the UK.

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Why so many people choose an Avalon Expat funeral plan

Established for over 25 years and with over 100,000 customers, we are experts in funeral planning
Avalon is one of only two FCA authorised funeral plan providers in Europe
We’re a UK company with teams of funeral specialists in across Spain, Cyprus and Portugal
Our Plans help expats provide support to their families to navigate the complicated funeral systems in the areas we work
We have a range of funeral plans to suit most people’s needs and budgets. We have plans that can provide a funeral in Spain, Portugal or Cyprus or the UK, and we also have Plans for repatriation
The money you pay for your plan is paid into an independently managed Trust and is held and safeguarded until the time it is needed to pay for the funeral. Avalon ensures that the Trust always has enough funds to provide the funerals of all our customers. But in the unlikely event that Avalon were to fail, the FSCS scheme guarantees to find an equivalent funeral plan replacement or financial compensation, which may be less than you paid in.
We work with over 70 funeral directors who have over 600 funeral homes across Spain, Portugal and Cyprus
Our English-speaking team will help your family liaise with the funeral director when the time comes
We have over 3,000 customer reviews and are rated “Excellent” on Trustpilot