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If you think that are funeral plans are the same, think again. There are lots of differences between plans from different providers. The cheapest funeral plan won’t necessarily have all the same services included.

It’s important to compare funeral plans from different providers to choose one that’s perfect for you.


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What should I look for when buying a funeral plan?

If you’re shopping around for a funeral plan, it’s really important to understand exactly what’s covered in your plan.

Here are some tips for choosing a plan that’s right for you:

Always use a company that is registered with the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA). The FPA is there to help protect consumers’ interests and make sure funeral plan providers follow a Code of Practice.
Check where your money will be held. You should choose a provider that has either an independently-managed Trust or the plans are backed by a life insurance policy.
Read real customer reviews. Don’t just rely on what the company is telling you – compare ratings and reviews on sites like Trustpilot or Google Reviews
Make sure your funeral plan offers protection against inflation and that allowances for third party costs increase every year in line with the Consumer Price Index.
Think about how you’d like to pay. Are you looking to pay in one lump sum, or monthly instalments? Check that your chosen provider can offer flexible payment options.
Think about the type of funeral you want. Do you want a small, fuss-free cremation, or a traditional service and burial? Be sure to compare different plans to see which one will give you the type of funeral you want.

Looking for expat funeral plans?

Avalon offers funeral plans for expats across Spain, Portugal and Cyprus. Protect your loved ones from unexpected costs and complications with a prepaid funeral plan.


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If you pass away before your plan is fully paid we can cover the cost with the Avalon Promise


If you choose to pay for your funeral plan over two or more years, you’ll receive the Avalon Promise.* This means that if you pass away before your plan is fully paid, Avalon will still provide all the services outlined in your plan.

  • The only plan provider that works with local, independent Funeral Directors and offers this level of security
  • Peace of mind for you and your family
  • Comes into effect after your plan has been in place for 12 months
  • Your family can focus on celebrating your life, instead of worrying about the cost of your funeral


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*Terms and Conditions apply. See our Standard T&Cs and Build Your Own T&Cs.

Why choose Avalon

Award Winning Plan Provider

We’re officially the Best Funeral Plan Provider for two consecutive years, after thousands of people voted at the Personal Finance Awards.

Peace of mind with the Avalon Promise

For extra peace of mind, if you pass away before your plan is fully paid, Avalon can still provide all the services outlined in your plan. We’re the only provider that works with local independent Funeral Directors to offer this security.

The UK’s most trusted funeral plan provider

We have over 2,500 reviews on Trustpilot and are rated 'Excellent' by our customers. For over 25 years we’ve helped over 85,000 people feel reassured their funeral is planned and paid for.

Safe and secure

Your money is kept in an independent Trust and we are regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority.

Local Funeral Directors

We work with over 1,800 local, independent Funeral Directors – that’s more than the Co-op (1,079) or Dignity (1,200) which means you can feel reassured you and your family will have support close by.

Avalon’s Premium funeral plan is 5 Star rated by Defaqto. This means that the plan provides one of the highest quality offerings on the market and has a comprehensive level of cover.

* Based on historical market data (2011-2019) and Avalon’s projections
†Terms and Conditions apply. See our Standard T&Cs and Build Your Own T&Cs.