Expat Direct to Cremation Funeral Plan

The Expat Direct to Cremation - Spain includes:

Unattended cremation at an appointed crematorium
Cremation fee
Appointed Funeral Director attending to all the necessary arrangements for the unattended cremation
Collection and transportation of the deceased from a place of residence, a care home, hospital or resting place in Mainland Spain to a mortuary within Mainland Spain
Preparation and care of the deceased at the allocated mortuary
Supply of a simple coffin – suitable for cremation
24-hour bereavement line with English speaking operators based in Europe
National and International death certificate
Ashes made available for collection
Avalon LifeLocker

The Expat Direct to Cremation - Spain excludes:

Any services for a Funeral Director not appointed by Avalon
Face to face appointments with the Funeral Director
Viewing the deceased
Dressing of the deceased in personal clothes or inclusion of items within the coffin
Family attendance at the crematorium
Embalming and additional preparation, such as the removal of a pacemaker
A service at the crematorium or any costs to host the event of a service including a church service
Choice of date, time or location of the cremation
Any transportation of mourners
A wake, including the costs associated with catering for the funeral guests
Any obituary notices
Flowers, floral tributes, or any items requested in celebration of the deceased
Interment of ashes
Delivery of ashes
Headstone, memorials, plaques or associated costs for erection or maintenance thereof
Gifts including charitable donations
Repatriation from outside Spain
Transfer to or from Mainland Spain, the Canary Islands or Balearic Islands
Any disbursement allowances other than those listed in the inclusions
Audio or visual equipment
Travel or transport costs

This plan does not include a separate allowance for Disbursements. There may be extra charges at the time of the funeral for other items not covered by the plan. Please see full Terms and Conditions for details.

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The instalment illustration is calculated based on 6% Instalment Fee.

The Price of a Funeral

The Spain Expat Direct to Cremation Funeral Plan price of 2,495 EUR compares to the current average price of an ‘at need’ funeral price should you require a similar funeral today.

At time of sale, Avalon will allocate your plan to a specific Funeral Director(s) and have negotiated a wholesale price for the costs of provision of your funeral. These wholesale costs to Avalon vary, for example, by region and plan type but on average are for this plan are 1,500 EUR + annual uplift for inflation at today’s prices.

Unlike the plan price you pay which is fixed, the at need price today is likely to rise with inflation each year until you need a funeral. These wholesale costs to Avalon are also uplifted for inflation each year.

The Price of a Funeral - Expat Direct to Cremation Plan - Spain

Trust Amounts

All the money you pay for your plan is paid into the Trust. Avalon do not receive any money from the trust unless it is funded to over 110% of required funds to provide your funeral in the future. If the trust is funded to over 110%, we receive a maximum of 845 EUR from the trust for every plan we sell to cover our reasonable administration overheads and expenses of running the business for each plan.

The amount Avalon receive can vary but is subject to the maximum amounts per plan and subject to the FCA funding rules. These maximums are the amounts certified by the actuary to ensure we always have sufficient funds retained on trust to provide the funeral services at time of need. This is not a fee or a charge to you and any amount you pay to us is fully refundable, subject to the cancelation terms of your plan. Please see our Funeral Plan Trusts page.

Subject to professional advice and guidelines and the Trust being over 10% in surplus, Avalon may receive additional amounts from the Trust.

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