New Year Resolution: Funeral Plan

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Giving up chocolate, drinking a little less, kicking a bad habit and losing weight are all popular New Year resolutions. But have you considered a financial New Year resolution, like arranging a funeral plan?

The New Year is generally considered an opportunity to make a fresh start and people take up resolutions to improve their health, happiness or another aspect of their lives. But despite the initial optimism did you know that 88% actually end up failing, according to a recent survey by The British Psychological Society? If you’re looking for a resolution that is less likely to fall by the wayside, then you should consider a funeral plan. Avalon’s plans are a simple, thoughtful way of protecting your family and close friends from rising funeral costs and reducing their emotional burden when the time comes.

Here are some of the important benefits of our funeral plans:
– Provide reassurance for you and your loved ones
– Protect against rising costs
– Cover the essentials so your family won’t have to
– Plan the perfect send off

Financial Benefits: Funeral costs have increased by 70.6% in the past 10 years and have risen to an average of £4,078 in 2017*. If funeral prices continue to rise at the same rate, this figure is predicted to reach over £8,000 by 2027†. With an Avalon Funeral Plan, the cost of your funeral will be frozen at today’s prices to protect you and your loved ones. Furthermore, our flexible payment options mean you can pay in a lump sum, by instalments over a fixed term of up to 10 years or even with interest free payments.

Emotional Benefits: Our aim is to leave loved ones with wonderful memories, rather than financial worries. At a time when your loved ones will be grieving and adjusting to their loss, much of the difficult decision making will be taken care of thanks to your plan. Your funeral plan will ensure your send-off will be as individual as you are. You will be able to make clear any specific wishes you have, such as having a burial or cremation, a religious or non-religious service and even finer details such as the type of music you’d prefer.

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* Sunlife Cost of Dying Report, 2017
† Avalon projections based on historical market data (2007-2017) at a 7.6% increase (compounded)

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