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Avalon funeral plan reviews – Why we’re not on comparison sites

Couple comparing funeral plans online

Are online funeral plan reviews sites what they seem? Make sure you get the best deal.

If you’ve been searching for funeral plans online, or comparing funeral plans between different providers, you might have noticed a number of price comparison and review websites. These sites claim to compare the features, benefits and costs of different funeral plans to give you the best option for your needs.

Be aware, however, that many of these websites are biased towards a limited number of partnered providers or are just generating customers for one sole provider and are paid a referral fee for each lead they generate. In reality this often means they aren’t comparing funeral plans at all and will often deter shoppers from some plans in favour of their partner providers. You might feel that you’re getting a great deal, but the truth is its unlikely you will be given all the information you need to make the right choice.

Avalon doesn’t work with comparison websites, as so many are unreliable, making it difficult for consumers to feel confident with the information they receive. Also we believe that consumers should take some time to do their own research so they can make an informed decision about which funeral plan is right for them. You won’t find us on online ‘compare funeral plans’ sites – so if you see the Avalon logo, your comparison quote may not be genuine.

How should I compare funeral plans?

If these sites aren’t really comparing or reviewing funeral plans in an unbiased way, how can you know what’s the best deal for you?

1. Look for genuine reviews from real customers on independent trusted review sites such as Trustpilot or Google Reviews. Avalon have over 1,700 reviews on Trustpilot which you can read here.

2. Look for the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) logo on the website. Consumer groups such as Money Saving Expert and Citizens Advice strongly recommend customers only use providers who are part of the FPA.

3. Look for brands and funeral plans that are rated by the independent rating company Defaqto. This is a clear indication that the company is focused on providing a quality product and an excellent customer experience.

4. Like many things in life, generally you get what you pay for. A cheap funeral plan may not necessarily include all the elements that you need, so be sure to compare the plan features in detail to ensure you get value for your money.

When you’ve done your research and find the one that suits you, go direct to the funeral planning company. You should be able to do this from their website.

If you decide to buy your plan over an instalment period, it’s a good idea to find out what would happen in the event that you die before your funeral plan is fully paid. In most cases, this would mean that your next of kin have to pay the remaining balance before the funeral can take place. But if you buy an Avalon plan over two or more years, you can be eligible for the Avalon Promise – meaning that we’ll still cover the services included in your plan at no extra cost to your loved ones if you pass away before your monthly payments are finished.

Above all, don’t be afraid to ask questions if there’s something that isn’t clear. It’s important to take the time to understand exactly what your funeral plan covers, so that you and your loved ones have total peace of mind.

Want to know more about Avalon’s range of plans? Compare our funeral plans now, or book a home appointment with one of our friendly funeral plan advisors.


About the author

With a Masters from the University of Bristol, Jessica Hanson has worked in the funeral sector for several years, following the latest industry trends and writing about end of life planning. Jessica has previously written as a blogger for the Huffington Post, covering topics such as death positivity, understanding grief and how funerals are changing. You can find Jessica on LinkedIn and Twitter.