Would you want your funeral to be live streamed on the internet?


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More people are choosing to share videos of loved one’s funeral with friends and family online. Is funeral live streaming a useful service or a step too far?

We’re increasingly living our lives online, but now you can also share your funeral via the internet. Over half of Funeral Directors and crematoria now offer funeral live streaming services, due to rising demand for the online video service.

But according to a report in the Telegraph, the modern technology is dividing opinion, with roughly half of Brits saying they’d rather not participate in a funeral at all than watch it online.

Live streaming is an online live video service. People use live streaming to watch all sorts of events from all over the world. You can watch live streams of sports matches, wildlife and nature, and people playing video games. You can even live stream footage directly from the International Space Station.

In recent years, many celebrity funerals have been live streamed for fans around the world. Muhammad Ali wanted his send-off to be broadcast online so that internet-users could watch the entire procession and service live. Earlier this year, Aretha Franklin’s memorial service was also live streamed for devoted fans who couldn’t attend in person.

However, when it comes to those who aren’t world-famous celebrities, funeral live streams are kept private. Crematoriums and Funeral Directors set up the service so that only people with a log-in and password can watch the service – so your loved one’s funeral isn’t open to just anyone online.

Many crematoriums in the UK have been offering the service for several years, while others are making plans to introduce live streaming via discreet cameras within the chapel. Some even offer a DVD recording service, so loved ones can re-watch the funeral service at home.

If you’re happy for the cameras to be rolling for your final farewell, it can help family members who can’t attend to still feel a part of the service. They might be living abroad, stuck in hospital or unable to get to the funeral, but they can still take time to remember you and pay their respects. Funerals are an important part of saying goodbye and live streaming lets everyone do that, regardless of where they are.

But funeral live streaming isn’t for everyone. Maybe it feels too impersonal, or you don’t like the idea of the service being filmed. Either way, it’s important to let your friends and family know what kind of funeral you would like and if you’d want it live streamed. They’ll be reassured that they’re making the right decisions when the time comes, and you’ll get the send-off you want.

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With a Masters from the University of Bristol, Jessica Hanson has worked in the funeral sector for several years, following the latest industry trends and writing about end of life planning. Jessica has previously written as a blogger for the Huffington Post, covering topics such as death positivity, understanding grief and how funerals are changing. You can find Jessica on LinkedIn and Twitter.