Do something thoughtful for your loved ones this Christmas

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Season’s greetings! We hope you’re enjoying the festive season as much as we are here at Avalon.

Naturally, around the Christmas period we think about the people we love most and everything they do for us. But did you know there is something you can do right now for those closest to you that could save a huge amount of heartache and worry for them in the future?


Protect those you love most

We may not like to think about it too much, but planning your funeral today is one of the simplest ways of doing something thoughtful for your family.

Here’s a few reasons why…

A plan offers financial protection for your loved ones so they won’t be left struggling at an already upsetting time

Your wishes are made clear so loved ones won’t have to second guess what you would have wanted

You and your family are protected against rising funeral costs

You’ll leave more inheritance behind for your nearest and dearest


Save potentially thousands

Funeral costs are rising by around 7% every year* and show no sign of slowing down. It really does make sense to lock into today’s prices while you can.

With the option to pay in monthly instalments or with a single lump sum, you can ensure your funeral is planned and paid for, saving potentially hundreds or even thousands of pounds and a whole lot of added heartache for your family.

With a funeral plan in place, you and your loved ones can have peace of mind that when the time does come, they won’t face the enormous burden of finding the money to pay for your funeral in a matter of just a few days.


Get in touch

To learn more about pre-paid funeral plans, arrange a no-pressure chat with one of our friendly advisors.

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Remember, there’s never any pressure to proceed, it’s simply your opportunity to find out more, ask any questions you might have and receive a free no-obligation quote.

*Based on historical market data (2011-2017) Sunlife, Cost of Dying Report 2017

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